Moving Text in After Effects

 This tutorial was written by reddit user /u/plowkiller – you can find the link to the full page here:

Scrub Through Your Footage

Using your mouse and/or the Page Up/Page Down buttons on your keyboard, scrub to the last frame you want your text to show up on screen.

Add your text

Click on the text icon at the top of your screen and double click the scene window to type it.


Cut your text

Press Alt+] to end your text, then scroll back to when they first speak and press Alt+[


Then use the arrows to twirl open transformation


Set you first point

Using the Page Down button, go ahead about 4 frames after your text has appeared and click the stopwatches next to position and scale

Set your second point

go back to the beginning of your text and use the mouse to manually movie your text near their face and size it down by clicking and dragging the numbers next to scale.

Now We’re getting somewhere

Stoke effect

Click on the text layer in your timeline, then at the top select layer -> Layer Styles -> Stoke, then twirl open stroke to change the color from red to black.


Repeat steps with another text if neccesary


Duplicating effects to other layers

Just select the stroke on the first layer and it’s easy as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V


Acceptable Gif, but let’s get a little fancier


(Optional) Replace the stroke with a shadow

First delete the stroke effects on both layers and go into the effect panel, right click -> stylize -> Glow, then change your A color to Black and Change Original Colors to A&B colors.


Motion Blur

Check the motion blur boxes on both layers then enable motion blur with the button on your timeline. This makes for a less choppy moving effect.


Can’t do that with photoshop